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My name is Damien Mearns. As a teenager in the 1980’s I was told that I needed an operation for my scoliosis, that curved so much that my spine was hidden behind my shoulder blade, or ‘You’ll be in wheelchair by 30’ (a standard line back then, more commonly replaced now by ‘your organs will be crushed’) by the Orthopaedic Consultants in Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool UK – They were wrong.

I said “No” to them. My reasoning was, that by the time I was 30, something far better would have been invented – I was right. That something turned out to be the ASMI – the Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument (originally call the PAMM).

It took 8 sessions of the ASMI for my spine to reappear from behind my shoulder blade, the improvement in my neck stopped my heavy blinking/facial spasms and my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME also disappeared: My story here 

Though the ASMI is now commonly used in American Military Veterans Hospitals, it is still not used as standard in hospitals for the general public anywhere around the world… yet.

The main aim of The GoodBack Scoliosis Centre is to get the ASMI well known and used as the standard first line treatment for Scoliosis & Kyphosis across the globe.

In the UK, according to the ruling in the Montgomery case in 2015: “a patient should be told whatever they want to know, not what the doctor thinks they should be told”. So when you ask your consultant: “Are there any other options ?” – they should not just tell you about their commission earning therapies like bracing, but also inform you about the ASMI… but as yet, they don’t.

The GoodBack Scoliosis Centre is about patient power. Scoliosis is an S curve of your spine, not a $ sign on an ATM machine belonging to the medical world.

The ASMI was invented in 1997. At that point Scoliosis stopped being a major high-income earning operation issue and dropped to being just a minor per-hour physical therapy issue; yet the operations have continued for 25 years. The SRS – the Scoliosis Research Society (Est. 1966) issue research grants that run at the rate of $300,000 per year. Surgeons rely on the likes of the SRS to ‘keep them up to date’, yet not once has the SRS or any of the other Scoliosis “Researchers” around the globe so much as crossed the road to even look at the ASMI. “I’ve never heard of it” is what they tell me time and time again and they show not the slightest bit of interest. Scoliosis patients from all over the planet have heard about the ASMI… but not the world’s “leading experts”

I say No.

There is no scientific evidence that scoliosis surgery: Fusion, VBT or ASC has better outcomes than the ASMI, short, medium or long term.

The SRS & Co have had 25 years and huge resources available to look at the ASMI and have done nothing.

This took 3 sessions in one week… this could be you… it could be all of us:

A lot of scoliosis patients are very angry years after surgery – be angry before surgery: Ask your consultants:

“Why are you not offering the ASMI ?”

“Where is your research that shows surgery has better short, medium & long term – life long – term outcomes than the ASMI ? – Spoiler: no such science exists.

Show them the “Before and After” pics of the ASMI Treatment for scoliosis. Ask them: “Why have you ignored this for 25 years ?”

“If you don’t know about the ASMI, why not ? – it’s your job to be an expert and know everything about scoliosis” – your voice counts, you have a right to a good back without surgery. 

“Scoliosis… a minor per-hour physical therapy issue”

At the GoodBack Scoliosis Clinic you can get your scoliosis curves reduced with the ASMI. Additionally – and at 50 % of the price – you can join in the case study trial, have a video done – see video section – and have “Before and After” Pics done to help get this treatment known and used globally.

Location: The GoodBack Scoliosis Clinic – 181a Verulam Rd, St Albans AL3 4DR

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