ASMI Scoliosis Trial

 A Prospective Study to show the long term benefits of the ASMI for Scoliosis has now been set up at the GoodBack Scoliosis Treatment and back Pain Clinic , London Colney, St Albans Hertfordshire UK.

The protocol of the trial will be to treat scoliosis patients with the ASMI – the Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument –

to get a significant improvement in the curve – this commonly takes between 8 to 12 sessions – but maybe more.

At this point the ASMI treatment ceases and the patient waits for a significant time – 6 months – and then takes an “After”.

What is required ? 

A) There is a short registration & consent form and two standard questionnaires to fill in:

Please download, print, fill in and hand in when you arrive for your treatment session these 3 pdf s below :

 GoodBack ASMI Scoliosis Trial Consent Form 

EQ5 D EuroQol-5-Dimension


B) Before and After & Progress 3-D Scans and pictures will be taken. If X-Rays are available these will be included but, due to radiation risk (“13 females with idiopathic adolescent scoliosis. AP and lateral films were measured over a 3-year period, during which the females were part of a treatment program for back brace curvature reduction. This Milwaukee-based program estimated that each patient had 22 films taken during the 3-year course. The study showed that the increased risk for leukemia was 3.4%, stomach and upper gastrointestinal cancers was 1.3%, lung cancer was 7.5%, and breast cancer secondary to the radiation exposure was 110%”) , they are not a requirement.

The improvements produced by the ASMI for Scoliosis are usually huge and so can be easily observed by plain sight. The additional level of accuracy provided by the X-rays (i.e. The ‘Before’ ‘looks’ like 60 degrees but the X-ray might reveal 61.5%) are not justified by the radiation risk from the X-rays when the ‘After’ might be of the order of 30 degrees)  

C) The patient will need to be treated in St Albans UK with the ASMI.

D) Not had Scoliosis Surgery.

Should you wish to be a part of this Case Study Trial, please contact me here 

Prices: As noted in the Prices section, for those enrolling for the trial, prices are set at a discount of the standard price.

This could be you… it should be everyone: