EMS Therapy

EMS TherapyEMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is an effective treatment that addresses muscle spams and oedemas (toxin built-up) alongside both sides of the spine. A healthy spine is supple, with all vertebrae in perfect alignment. No facet joints that connect vertebrae are out of place.
In case of an accident or an injury, recent or old, nerve signals from the facet joints which have been damaged and shunted out of place are sent to the paraspinal muscles, instructing them to go into spasm, providing a protective corset for the spine.
The body uses muscle pump and gravity to move toxins from metabolic activity into the lymph drainage and out of the body. Long term muscle spasms and built-up of toxins around the spine prevents repair work (that would be performed by the white blood cells) from fixing the damaged joints. Injuries that could take handful of weeks to the body to fix are left untreated, in a state of suspended animation for years or even for decades.
Application of EMS using two long pads either side of the spine enable the paraspinal muscles to provide an alternative muscle pump effect that pumps away old toxins. This allows fresh white blood cells to find access to the damaged area and much needed repair work can begin.
EMS is an adjunct to the treatment with the ASMI machine. ASMI treatments on their own are very adequate but for cases where the back is painful to the touch and the injury is very old, both EMS treatment and the ultrasound treatment can reduce the number of treatments required.