Mobilisation Mode

Back Care TherapyASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument) treatment can be used to treat various conditions including sciatica, herniating /bulging discs, pinched nerves, spasms, radicular pain, numbness and tingling, scoliosis, spinal stenosis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
ASMI has three settings: AntiSpasm, Reflex and Mobilisation. It is important to realise that mobilisation is not the same technique as spinal manipulation, which can have adverse side effects and often provides no pain relief.
Mobilisation can be used to treat vertebrae that have been moved out of place by old injury and kept in non-optimal place by muscle spasm. Muscle spasm can be treated by ASMI mode. Mobilisation works on the second part of the equation and puts pressure on alternate vertebrae to move (not adjust) vertebrae relative to each other in what should be their normal ROM (Range of Motion). In simple words, mobilisation “makes the vertebrae unstuck”.
Whereas instant cures can and does happen during one session of ASMI, the general rule is that this a progressive treatment, usually requiring 3-5 sessions of the treatment.

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