Reflex Mode

Back Care TherapyThe ASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument) Reflex mode is used in conjunction with the AnsiSpasm mode and the Mobilisation mode. The whole treatment, which is a combination of these three techniques targets the para-spinal muscles and spinal joints of the spine to reduce pain and restore flexibility and mobility. It relieves muscle spasm, stimulates muscle reflexes and aligns each vertebra in the spine.
The reflex mode is an important part of the treatment. With the muscles spasm reduced and vertebrae unlocked, the reflex mode is used to stimulate the reflexes up and down the spine. This allows the vertebrae to “jump” slightly and land in their optimal position. The process of mobilisation followed by reflex mode is done several times during one session.
During sessions, with spasm reduced and vertebrae better mobilised and with vertebrae in corrected positions, the pressure on the facet joins within the spine is less and less. This allows a better flow of nerves signals and white blood cells to the damaged joints and enhance what ultimately is happening, the body healing itself. Hence the oft used phrase with “the ASMI treatment does not fix the back, it allows the back to fix itself”.

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