Anti-Spasm Mode

Back Care TherapyASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument) Anti-Spasm mode is a gentle high speed setting that reduces muscle spasms on both sides of the spine. This setting is used for approximately one minute before and after the ASMI Reflex therapy and the ASMI Mobilisation therapy. The Anti-Spasm mode accustoms the patient to the feel of the ASMI device and relieves muscle spasms at the same time.
Releasing muscles spasms is a vital part of the whole treatment. The basic case of back pain (tumours etc. aside), is a muscle spasm which pushes vertebrae out of place, squeezing the nerves. It is important to understand that a spasm is not the same as a cramp. After an injury or even after a minor fall, muscles can stay in locked spasm for years. Patients are sometimes not even aware of the condition of their muscles that are permanently contracted and overworked.
Muscles in spasm have a negative impact on the overall health as well, as spasm reduces the efficiency of the muscle pump, causing oedemas to from. As Dr. Sherwood explains in his book “Your Back, Your Health”: “Fluid diffuses out of the blood and builds up in the tissue spaces, where it is called oedema. This water logging, which creates a situation rather like a traffic jam, means that there is a less effective blood supply in precisely the area where most blood is required for the body’s repair mechanism to work.”

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