Where to find the ASMI (PAMM)

ASMI Directory:

Northern Ireland 21st Century Back Care https://www.tamars.co.uk

London Colney UK – Goodback.co.uk 

Dorset UK https://www.bodymattersmotion.co.uk/

Cheshire UK: http://www.cheshirebackpainclinic.com/

Warrington UK: https://www.whatclinic.com/massage-therapy/uk/cheshire/penketh/cheshire-back-pain-clinic

VA – Veterans Association Hospitals USA

Https://Www.Coppolapt.Com/Our-Services (In Candia, Concord Centre And Tilton Clinics) – New Hampshire USA

Hobart Tasmania: http://www.hobartosteopaths.com.au

If you do not have an ASMI near enough to you, then show this Website to your local Doctors/Hospitals/Therapists

and ask them to contact us to arrange for as ASMI to be installed

The ASMI is the name of the back fixing machine that stands for Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument

(Formerly known as PAMM: the Power Assisted Mobilisation Machine or Power Assisted Micro Manipulation Machine)