Tinnitus – a Natural Approach

I’m Damien Mearns, a St Albans based back therapist using the ASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument- formerly known as PAMM – The Power Assisted Micro Mobilisation Machine and sometimes called Power Assisted Micro Manipulation Machine)

How to fix Tinnitus: There are 3 causes I’ve found:

  1. Damage to the C7 Vertebrae at the base of the neck: Just in front of this vertebra is the Stellate Ganglion, a mini-Brain that is part of your Sympathetic Nervous System. The Stellate Ganglion controls the flow of blood across your eardrum. So fixing C7 with the ASMI is the first method: Your C7 does not have to be as far out as this to be causing you lots of trouble,  but it shows what the ASMI can do.

If this is your cause.. then this is your solution and you can see a dramatic improvement in Tinnitus in this video here: https://youtu.be/18ULDlGypAY .

2) The second cause, is related to the first in as much as the sort of trauma injury that will cause the C7 to be moved out of place like this, will also cause this as well: the tendons and ligaments of the sides and back of the neck are all tight and have calcification, when this happens, the back and sides of your neck are like an over tight guitar, this tension gets passed onto the ear area and the ear drum is pulled too tight.

To fix this, again the ASMI machine is used – which may on its own fix it, but also in addition Ultrasound, EMS  and Microcurrent are used on the neck to de-calcify, de-bruise and generally calm down the whole area.

3) The third cause is on the side and front of the neck – blocked Lymph nodes. Feel along the side of the neck and if you feel hard lumps like dried peas then these are blocked lymph nodes and they are blocking the draining of lymph from the ear region, so repair work cannot be carried out. Manually massage them 5 mins a day firmly will often be all that is needed, but if this does not work Ultrasound, EMS  and Micro-Current will clear them as well.

As an assist – maybe you are not near an ASMI – then sleeping like this may also help

Inclined Bed Therapy