How to Reduce Scoliosis Curves with the Better-than-Surgery ASMI Treatment

For a real alternative to Scoliosis surgery – not merely yet-another-barely-effective complementary therapy… something that actually works for even high end curves – even the ones that look more like a  deep “Z” shape rather than the usual “S” shape… you need the ASMI (The Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument)  – No Back Cracking used !

The ASMI is, far and away, the best alternative Scoliosis Treatment, the best alternative Scoliosis therapy available.

To get straight to it: the short answer is that the patient lies on a special slightly curved massage couch, the therapist uses the non-Surgical ASMI back fixing machine on their back for 8 to 12 therapy sessions and the scoliosis curve reduces dramatically – As shown in these two videos:

  1. Giulia – 4 sessions – video
  2. Ella – 1 Session – video
  3. – Before and after Photo Gallery
  4. – Published Study

The slightly longer answer is that when you look at a scoliosis curve from a distance, it looks like a curve, but when you examine it up very close, it looks more like a train wreck. Instead of train carriages shunted up, pushed to the side, twisted one way and another – it is vertebrae that are shunted up, pushed to the side, twisted one way and another.

The reason Scoliosis looks like a train wreck is that it is a train wreck – it’s fundamentally caused by a trauma injury, usually in childhood, that expresses itself during teenage growth spurts. There maybe genetic & dietary components as to how a child reacts to a trauma injury, but it at base, it’s a trauma injury and the good news is, it reacts to being treated like a trauma injury.

The ASMI (Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument) stretches the tight ligaments that have been holding the vertebrae in the wrong place since the trauma injury that set it all off  by using the ASMI’s “Mobilisation mode” – which is better thought of as the “Ligament Stretching” mode. Then the Reflex mode stimulates, by tapping, the reflexes along the spine and then the vertebrae move back towards their correct position – and then repeat.

How do patients respond the the ASMI treatment ?

There is a distribution curve of responses to the ASMI treatment for Scoliosis. The most common is: In the first 1 to 3 sessions there is a large visible improvement in the curve and the rib hump – often along with a dramatic reduction in pain and other associated issues like fatigue, digestive issues and heavy blinking. Patients are often noticeably taller.

It feels like there is the “core scoliosis” – caused by the initial trauma – and after that there is, over the years, a secondary collapse. This “quick win” in the 1st session or 3, often using less than full power, feels like it is reversing the secondary collapse – sometimes you get improvements in the first minute or so of treatment that are larger than the previous years of various exercise therapies and other treatments that the patient has had.

After this initial improvement the next phase is the “core scoliosis” – where the short tight ligaments, that have been short and tight for years, and have grown like that during teenage growth spurts, need to be stretched. During this phase you can sometimes see small improvements each session, sometimes nothing much visible happens at all – a bit of a plateau phase can occur. Eventually though, the ligaments lengthen and the curve starts to reduce again – this time the “core scoliosis” is being reduced.

After about the 8th to 12th session you are usually getting near the point where “wedging” will prevent the scoliosis from reducing anymore… for the time being. Wedging is where some vertebrae, usually at the worst point of the curve, have grown in a slight wedge shape – so the top and bottom are not parallel. The good news is that they got to be this shape by responding to the huge asymmetric pressures put upon them over the years and so now that the spine is a lot straighter and the pressure on these vertebrae are now a lot more even after the first round of ASMI treatments, they will respond – over time – to these new pressures and even out.

This phase of the treatment is a lot slower and requires an ASMI session once a month/once every 6 weeks perhaps over a few years till the bone modulation process, run by the osteoblast and osteoclast cells that create & destroy bone & ligament where needed and not needed, have done their job.

You can think of it as “bone is muscle in slow motion” : Weight lifters looking to build muscle mass, work out once every two days – on their day off their body re-builds muscle back stronger they have worn down on their training day. Weight lifters looking to build bone density work out weekly – they lift silly heavy weights to the extent they can even cause microfractures in the bones – and then this bone recovers stronger over the following week – but it needs a week as bone heals slower than muscle.

In a similar manner, when the ASMI treatment is at this level where the last thing holding improvement back are the bones, treatments are longer intervals, over a long time span are needed.

Why is the ASMI treatment better than Scoliosis ?

Answer: Ligaments – a lot of “scoliosis exercise therapies focus on muscle – “strengthen the weak muscles and the core…” consequently the moment you stop doing these exercises, you quickly lose any gain you might have had. Scoliosis Surgeons however don’t talk about muscle being a limiting factor in the improvements that they get – for them its the “tough ligaments” holding the curve in place. This means they are limited to what improvement they can get by what they can do in a one surgery session – but with the ASMI you can be treated weekly for a year – decades even should it be needed – and bit by bit those short tough ligaments can stretch so you eventually get better and more lasting improvements – and this does not even begin to look at the safety aspects of surgery. With the ASMI, unlike surgery, there is no limit to the improvement you can get.

What about those weak muscles ?

Answer – The action of walking – or just sitting up is a huge body weight exercise that you do for hours each day – your muscles will respond to this. If the vertebrae are in a train-wreck scoliosis situation then some muscles will not be called upon to work much and so will be weaker. Strengthening these muscles with endless hours of scoliosis exercises will do little to deal with the underlying issue – but may assist with secondary collapse a bit. Gains you make will be lost if you don’t keep up with the exercises as normal body movements do not call upon these muscles. These exercises had their hay day 100 years ago during the time of polio – which weakened muscles and caused scoliosis. Modern scoliosis though is, as a rule, not caused by weak muscles and so is not cured by exercises that strengthen weak muscles. The famous Schroth method Yellow Book has wonderful  Before and After photos (every bit as good as the latest ASMI treatment Before & After Pictures) … but they are all in Black & White – from way back in the time of Polio… they are not getting anywhere near the same level of results nowadays . Once the vertebrae are better aligned with the AMSI treatment, the muscles will be called to work and so will strengthen. In a similar manner the ligaments will be called upon and will not re-shrink and re-tighten.

As you can see, with this scoliosis patient improving with the ASMI treatment, there is a huge improvement in the lumbar collapse – the patient is now 2 inches taller – as the compression is reduced. You can also see the de-rotation in the twists in the spine as well – the net result is a reduction in the curve as seen on the 2D finger puppet shadow  that is an X-ray.

The ASMI treatment is not just for teenagers: This patient had been told by the world’s top Scoliosis Surgeons in the UK that there was nothing that could be done for her and that she had to just “get use to the pain” – she had a lot of pain. One session of the ASMI, her curves are dramatically reduced, she is an inch taller and her pan has gone. 


Heart attacks are quite electrical There is an aspect of Scoliosis that is also electrical I’m sure. Things like Sciatica Scoliosis are hugely electrical – a disc pushes on a nerve and the whole back becomes temporarily scoliotic as a reaction to lift the disc away from the nerve. To treat this aspect it is a good idea to also get the patient to lie on their back and use EMS on the para-spinal muscles using long electrical pads while they are also lying on a cushion to aid the pad/skin contact and also to add a slight backwards curve in the spine to help switch off paraspinal muscles. So it’ s patient>>electrical pads>> cushion>> massage couch or floor – not a bed as the back sinks into the mattress too much. This helps re-train the muscles / re-set the electrics a bit like a de-fib does for a heart attack – to work together to to straighten and de-rotate the spine – just 3 minutes in each section of the spine at medium to high level – but not painful .This is done either before an ASMI session or on a non-ASMI session day. 

Treatment Protocol:

I have found that adult scoliosis tends to require long sessions: 3 hours each to achieve significant permanent changes, and that weekly or fortnightly sessions are best, but when a patient has flown in from abroad then treatment once every two days is used. For more delicate patients, the sessions are a lot shorter and lighter. 

Diet & Exercise ?

What helps the process of bone modulation ? Exercise – the most important of which is movement, short walks, long walks, dance, tennis, swimming – activity you enjoy so you will keep doing it – the big enemy is stagnation.

Vitamin K2 – which works well with Vitamin D … which works well with Vitamin A . The best for of vitamin D is sunshine. Wearing short trousers, short sleeve shirts in the summer months makes a huge difference to the surface area of your body that gets to make this important vitamin. Artificial forms of vitamin D I think are a bit suspect. To supplement, use a quality cod liver oil mixed in freshly squeezed orange juice  – which works well with the B Vitamins – so an all round healthy diet, fresh air and outdoor activity.

Creatine looks like it could be very useful, this is what it does for nerve damage repair and back pain:

“Our comparative analysis results suggest a possible positive effect of creatine supplement on peripheral nerve regeneration as statistical analysis revealed significant differences between group 2 and group 3. Though our finding does not represent a miracle of regenerative support, beneficial usage of creatine is documented in the present study.”

So it may also be very good at repairing ligaments, tendons fascia… just a teaspoon a day in water of a good quality one i.e. :  but lots of health foods stores have them

The only thing missing from this list is vitamin E… the “unsung hero of bone health”

Smoking... of course ! Smoking gets in the way of tissue repair and this includes vaping and nicotine patches

There has been quite a lot of correlation work on scoliosis and low levels of trace minerals selenium etc.

What else ? Long wave ultrasound (40-45 KHz – which is what dolphins use to communicate) …is also used at GoodBack

This is what a real scoliosis spine is actually like:

This is a CT Scan (way too much radiation !) . It is on this Twitter post:
Have a look at the original and zoom in to magnify it, it’s a lot clearer. It’s one of the best visuals I’ve seen of what it feels like to work on a scoliotic spine with the ASMI:
A twist here, a dip there, a rotation in this bit, a shift in this bit. The compression is not visible, but the rest is.
As you can see, if you look closely from vertebrae to vertebrae, there is a lot going on and, without the deformity of the image caused by the “Gold Standard X-ray”, the curve is only 30 degrees.
Scoliosis is not “An S curve in the spine” – that’s just what the shadow puppet X-ray film looks like. X-Ray films of scoliosis suggest the idea to the mind’s eye that: “If only I could push it to the left here a bit then…” and hence scoliosis exercises & bracing seem like a good idea and the thing to do.

This CT scan shows the details: Scoliosis is not “a curve” it’s a train wreck pattern: problems from one vertebrae to the next and lends to the mind’s eye “If only I could have a machine that could work vertebrae to vertebrae” ! …and now we do ! The ASMI !

As you can see from the videos, the ASMI treatment is a serious life changing non-surgical alternative scoliosis treatment to either classic fusion or or the newer VBT surgery, for many cases of Scoliosis.

The time needed and the price are equivalent overall to getting a large back tattoo.

This treatment is available in London Colney UK.

Contradictions – When the ASMI should not be used ? The ASMI puts a fair amount of pressure on the vertebrae. The vertebrae are extremely strong so this is not a problem except if there is bone weakness – osteoporosis – which is commonly caused by  anorexia, chemical castration/puberty blocking drugs and some cancer drugs


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The ASMI has had several names over it’s lifetime and across the globe: 

TAMARS – Technology Assisted Micro-Mobilisation and Reflex Stimulation

ASMI – Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument)

PAMM – Power Assisted Micro Mobilisation  Machine

PAMM – Power Assisted Micro Manipulation  Machine

The Bionic Hand

Why are these techniques not used as standard in the medical world ?
The medical world is a mega-business and “little ‘ol scoliosiss” is a huge money spinner. Huge: “The global acute migraine treatment market size is projected to be valued at US$ 8,600,000,000 in 2032 and exhibit a CAGR of 4.9% in the forecast period from 2022 to 2032. It is anticipated to reach US$ 2,400,000,000 in 2022.”