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Chronic & Acute Back Pain Solution:

 At the GoodBack Back Pain Clinic, London Colney, UK we fix back pain: from light “I get the odd twinge” to high-end: “I’m in agony, I can barely move…”.

No back-cracking, no surgery, no injections, no pain killers, no exercises, no psychobabble… Just result after result after result using the GoodBack Protocol:

This patient was the BBC cameraman/Body guard for Kate Aidie & Martin Bell covering the war in Bosnia. He damaged his spine in a land mine incident and for 30 years lived in constant agonising pain: “I COULD BARELY STAND. DAMIEN GOT TO WORK AND NOW, IF I HAD A BETTER TASTE IN MUSIC, I COULD DANCE! THANK YOU SO MUCH DAMIEN.” NIGELB-690 

This 76 year old cancer patient hobbled into the GoodBack Clinic in agony after 6 months of sciatica pain that stopped her sleeping. 2 weeks later…

What we say at GoodBack: “Back Pain is not a life destroying problem. Back Pain is a minor simple per-hour physical therapy issue… and only a few sessions are usually needed”

At the GoodBack Back Pain Clinic you can get your Back Pain fixed for good with the GoodBack Protocol – which is a combination of the Sherwood Technique and the ASMI Machine.

Location: Suite 15B, Hertfordshire Business Centre, Alexander Rd, London Colney AL2 1JG

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How do we do it ? Read about our techniques here in these blog posts:

The Sherwood Technique:

A Tale of Two Back Doctors

Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated discs, bulging discs… they all fix with this approach:

Back Pain: From Non-specific Back Pain or Sciatica, DDD… to a Ruptured Disc- How can it be fixed ?

and if you are too far away from the ASMI:

How to fix back pain without using the ASMI – The Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument

For example:

Motor Cycle accident Patient : 

Migraine Patient:

Polymyalgia Patient: 

Tinnitus & Neurological problems Patient:

Techniques used: 


EMS Therapy



and the ASMI – Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument

Why are we telling you the secret of how to fix backs ?

The ultimate aim of GoodBack is to change the way bad backs – both scoliosis & back pain – are treated around the globe.

These things should not be secret.

We show our safe, simple, yet highly effective techniques here so therapists, clinics and hospitals around the planet can copy them

and take the millions of people around the planet who are suffering needlessly, out of pain and back to life !