How to fix back pain without using the ASMI – The Advanced Spinal Mobilisation Instrument

By now you will have seen how the ASMI can be used to fix Chronic back pain:

As there are only a few places globally where you can receive this treatment:

For people nowhere near to an ASMI, the question is often raised: “How to fix chronic back pain without using the ASMI ?”

The first answer to that is a long term answer, it is to ask, pester… demand that your doctor, your therapists, hospitals etc… start to offer the AMSI.

The second answer is this:

Just use the ‘other things’ that The GoodBack Scoliosis and Back Pain Clinic uses when treating back pain along with the ASMI. They are not just “warm-ups” – they are in themselves very effective treatments.

The first two are the core of the “Sherwood Technique” developed by the famous Dr Paul Sherwood :

This patient had had Chemotherapy, which reduced her bone density and caused excessive and easy bruising so she was treated without using the ASMI for her debilitating Sciatica:

When a Lion or other predator goes out for dinner, often enough they end up half dead themselves after a huge battle with their prey… but they recover and are ready to hunt again later. The first thing a lion eats is the liver – it likely contains somewhere between lots to all of the nutrients the lion needs for his recovery.

So 5) all round good nutrition is important as well, especially organ meats, liver being usually the most important.

In terms of supplements, the only one I think that is worth a mention is Creatine – just half a teaspoon a day in a glass of water – this looks like it makes a very noticeable contribution to the body’s ability to fixed damaged ligaments, disc material, tendons etc

Many years ago I was listening to a spinal surgeon give a talk, he was saying how he does not like to do fusion surgery on smokers as the bones don’t fuse together properly afterwards – smoking gets deep into your system and buggers up a lot of the deep repair work so… well let’s just say that’s another bit of motivation to give up and leave it there.

6) Exercise … ? I’m not a big fan of using exercise for therapy as what works for one person at one stage of recovery will not work for others. And most people, unsupervised, will do the exercise wrong anyway.

Having said that the big enemy of recovery is stagnation – so move, a little and often.

Exercises you may want to try… and if they don’t work then stop doing them – the “no pain, no gain” idea does not work with back pain – are the Stuart McGill Big 3.

7) Lymph Drainage –

This approach will take a few months for the white blood cells to get their work done for very bad backs 3 months, maybe more, but months rather than years.

But you should see improvements after a week or so

Hope : This article is quite interesting: MRI Findings Not Helpful in Determining Herniated Disc-Related Sciatica Treatment

basically it says that MRIs can look scary and the more scary the more likely the patient is to have surgery. But actually the more scary it looks, the more stimulation

the immune system has to start fixing things and spontaneous recovery is better with the worst looking cases.

The techniques used at The GoodBack Scoliosis and Back Pain Clinic enhance this self-healing process and so lead to better results at a faster rate and work for the difficult cases 

that have not self resolved.