Scoliosis – some slightly wacko ideas… that may have some value.

A couple of years ago I got a bout of tennis elbow. I tried my usually ever reliable – fix anything – Ultrasound & EMS (Electro-Muscular Stimulation) on it. It helped a bit but didn’t fix it.
I tried kettle bell swings – a lot more useful. One evening I slept with this microcurrent unit stuck to the worst of the sort part – huge improvement overnight !
A few more days and it was all gone.
“I’ll have to try this for the last bit of my scoliosis” I thought, I did and… sadly no change. I am forever looking at all sorts of things like this that may be useful for me and patients. To my credit though, I’m not the worst gadget trier out there – heck I don’t even have Rife machine (… yet anyway !).

Over the past few weeks I have noticed an improvement in this last bit of my scoliosis that seemed to come from nowhere. “I wonder what is causing this ?” I thought to myself. The answer is: I’m not sure.

I am working from home at the moment for office work and so save many hours a week on commuting and so… end up trying more gadgets… as you do… well… as I do ! These are my top guesses as to what it might be:

Top Guess:
Earthing sheets. I recently bought some Earthing or grounding sheets following a recommendation from a friend that: “I fall a sleep so quicky now and sleep a lot deeper, it’s made a huge difference”.
What they are, are sheets that have silver wound into them and this attaches to an electrical socket in the wall.  You don’t switch on the electricity but in the wiring
the silver is attached to the neutral Earth in the plug and so electrically speaking, it’s like you are sleeping on the soil outside – I told you in the title it was a slightly wacko !

I started this article showing how useful microcurrent can be. A bad back is, in part, quite a large part, electrical at the microcurrent level – with nerve signals mis-firing and causing spasms and faultily mis-timed contractions etc so I’m thinking: If the Earthing sheet (and pillow) are clearing excess electrical noise from the back and nervous system as a whole – maybe – and quite feasibly I think – this may allow the body to say ‘Hey, now it’s nice and quiet, I can detect a misalignment here… better fix it’. I also need to point out that I also sleep on an inclined bed. So my top guess is that it’s the combination of these two things. Earthing Sheet & Pillow case combined with Inclined Bed.

Guess 2
I do the ASMI therapies for Scoliosis at the weekend at the moment. The main aim is to tell the world about the treatment so it becomes a (or the) standard treatment for Scoliosis and lots of other things. It is a physically demanding therapy and to keep my strength up – especially in my lower arm – mid week I have a few hand/arm strengthening gadgets I use (so I’m a better therapist and I don’t get that dam tennis elbow again). I was reading a short time ago – something from Dr Stuart McGill about how to do weightlifting properly – one of the things he recommended was a technique he called “bend the bar”. What you do is, before you lift a bar bell, you try to bend the bar. You of course don’t succeed in this but, by trying, you engage all the muscles in the arm. In the upper part of the arm are the last parts of the Latissimus Dorsi – a huge spinal muscle that runs right to the sacrum. This “bend the bar” is very useful in stiffening the arm and back in preparation for the lift. Well, I was noticing with my latest two hand strengthening gadgets I bought recently, that as I worked them, I could feel muscles work all the way up the arm, down through the rib cage and on down all the way to the sacrum. Muscles that I usually don’t feel working – so maybe this is doing something… maybe – guess 2. These are the two I am using:  This one your fingers push out against, and this one is the more standard “squeeze inwards” type

Guess 3
The other gadget I’ve had the time to use more often is red light therapy. Up until recently, I used it now and then for a few mins just after a shower. I came across a
post on a Facebook group where people with painful planta fascia (sore feet) were saying that they got great relief by rubbing a bit if organic castor oil on their feet and
then trying the Red Light Therapy on them. So I gave it a go on my back & neck. You only need a small amount of castor oil if your skin is still wet from the shower and it certainly feels very comforting – something to warm you up in a freezing cold British summer while we await the global warming we’ve all be taxed to penury for. Red light is quite good at reducing inflammation and is good for all sorts of things including Parkinson’s – so Red Light & Castor oil – that’s guess 3

Guess 4
Last year I fell over very badly on a slope that was covered in black ice – I’m sure I cracked a rib or two. My back was as mess. For 3 months I could hardly move for agony.
Each day I did my trusty Ultrasound and EMS and it eventually improved enough for me to travel to get some ASMI treatment myself and then I was fine… well there was the odd twinge or pre-twinge so I stopped doing the ballet I used to do. This was about the time we were chatting on the Facebook Group more about Function Patterns. So I moved on from ballet to using the cable machine for my workout – but one handed. I’ve got to do a video on this, but the idea is if you use the cables two handed the arms balance themselves.
But if you use it one handed, then the “other side” that does the work is half your back – and this is a wonderful exercise to strengthen your back muscles (you swap hands to keep things even) – this feels like a wonderful exercise and you can even feel your walking improve on the way home afterwards. So guess 4 is these exercises are starting to kick in and have an effect.

Guess 5.
Food, I’d given up on seed oils quite a while back, so I was just using extra virgin Olive oil & grass fed homemade butter. Recently I started using homemade lard and beef suet to fry food with – I suppose just like the cavemen did – and they didn’t drop dead from heart attacks. So guess 5 is this better food is starting to kick in and have and effect.

Guess 6.

Some permutation of the above. If you try any of them, let me know how you get on here on the Facebook Group